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Philip Pugh, BASC magazine, 1991

Philip Pugh, BASC magazine, 1991

"Having used one of the Lintran boxes for some three years I was interested to see the developments which have taken place with improvements to the basic boxes.

My own box proved invaluable for transit for dogs to and from shows and shoot days.

Of course, there is the distinct advantage of being able to simply hosepipe out the box after use.

Gamekeeper colleagues around the region also tell me that they are excellent for the carrying of birds on a pheasant day.

The company is also now exporting to Germany."

Philip Pugh, BASC magazine, 1991

About Lintran Made in Great Britain

The Lintran Transit box was designed by a gundog and shooting enthusiast with their special requirements in mind. The need for something light an washable to contain animals or game (or, in fact, anything dirty) in vehicles has culminated in the newly-designed Lintran.

Our award winning boxes are patent and design copyright protected and our name is our guarantee. We offer a part-exchange and refurbishment service, if required.