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Mr. Matt Godfroy

Mr. Matt Godfroy

Mr. M. Godfroy - 19 July 2011

"Dear Lintran Team,

I would like to express my appreciation to your team and skills in creating such an excellent dog transit system.

After researching and trying many versions of dog crates to fit my Audi A7, I was left without a suitable solution until I found your company.

Making the trip to your factory was worthwhile as the transit system fitted perfectly.

Thank you

Matt Godfroy - as promised photos so you can use these for your website"                                 

About Lintran Made in Great Britain

The Lintran Transit box was designed by a gundog and shooting enthusiast with their special requirements in mind. The need for something light an washable to contain animals or game (or, in fact, anything dirty) in vehicles has culminated in the newly-designed Lintran.

Our award winning boxes are patent and design copyright protected and our name is our guarantee. We offer a part-exchange and refurbishment service, if required.