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Debbie Klatt - BMW X3

Debbie Klatt - BMW X3

Good morning - BMW X3 2012

I just wanted to say thank you for rushing my order through so quickly.  The bx is a perfect fit and my Vzsa loves it - he's gone from not wanting to get in the car to jumping in and out like a kangaroo!  Now I just need to find somewhere to store all my gear!


Thanks again



About Lintran Made in Great Britain

The Lintran Transit box was designed by a gundog and shooting enthusiast with their special requirements in mind. The need for something light an washable to contain animals or game (or, in fact, anything dirty) in vehicles has culminated in the newly-designed Lintran.

Our award winning boxes are patent and design copyright protected and our name is our guarantee. We offer a part-exchange and refurbishment service, if required.