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DB13 Cadet

DB13 Cadet

Shown with small top tray, additional £25.

Additional view shows DB13 in a Peugeot Bipper Tepee, with additional top tray (£25), divider (£47) and equipment cradles (£20 per pair).

Freelander 1, LWB Suzuki Vitara, B-Class, Pinnit and smaller 4x4s with limited space.

All Lintran's boxes feature solid white sides as standard, keeping harmful UV rays and heat from your dog, unlike metal or thick black plastic boxes.

Lintran solid white sides reflect the heat, and reduce the temperature by up to 20°C. 

Lintran boxes are made as watertight (to contain any "accidents" and mud), easy to clean.

Tried and tested over 25 years. Don't settle for less!

Car Make Land Rover, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Suzuki
Car Model B-Class 05/06, Freelander, Shogun Pinnin, Shogun SWB 2005, Vitara LWB
Dimensions w38 x d23 x h27

About Lintran Made in Great Britain

The Lintran Transit box was designed by a gundog and shooting enthusiast with their special requirements in mind. The need for something light an washable to contain animals or game (or, in fact, anything dirty) in vehicles has culminated in the newly-designed Lintran.

Our award winning boxes are patent and design copyright protected and our name is our guarantee. We offer a part-exchange and refurbishment service, if required.